Janet Cardiff at PS.1

On December 11, 2011 by November Projects

On a perfect sunny, crisp day in the early Spring of 2009 I was wandering around Berlin in a slight haze (a German friend had taken me to her local hole in the wall the night before). I happened by the Hamburger Bahnhoff which had been on my list to do, but now appeared in front of me by mere chance. In the light filled historic hall was Janet Cardiff and Georges Bures Miller’s sound installation ‘The Murder of Crows’. On this particular day it was the perfect discovery. Finding myself in Long Island City this past Sunday morning I decided that since I hadn’t been to PS. 1 since the book fair it would be irresponsible to not go by. The unseasonably warm day, the light, my state and Janet Cardiff’s ‘Forty Part Motet’ in the exhibition ‘September 11’ made for a re-enactment of that perfect day in Berlin.

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