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On January 6, 2012 by November Projects


DECLARATION OF WAR – Official HD trailer-1

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the viewing of the new French film ‘Declaration of War’ at the wonderful screening room at The Crosby Street Hotel. This film, which is France’s entry for Best Foreign Film for the 2011 Academy Awards is about a young French couple. Both equally beautiful and sexy, they coolly smoke cigarettes in the way only the French can, fall in love, dance at parties, roam around Paris and redo their apartment (basically you want to be them), until they find out that their young son has a rare and complicated form of cancer and their declaration of war, of survival begins. This film is both beautiful and sad but amazingly not depressing. Obviously they left out a lot of the darkness that can accompany such a sickness. But that is the beauty of the film. Instead of bringing the viewer into heart-wrenching pity, they choose to tell their story asĀ an affirmation of life, of the moments we chose to persevere, to find bravery where we thought it could not exist. What makes this film even more amazing is that it is the real life story of the director, writers and co-stars of the film who play themselves. This is an intimate film told with honesty and beauty. Added bonus is the music is great and there is sense of whimsy despite the subject matter that is truly French. ‘Declaration of War’ is off to Sundance next week and then back in New York at the end of the month for its official release. More than worth seeing!

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